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Annoying microbes

When I first saw this video I thought it was quite creative and done in an innovative format. After watching the whole video for this review I decided I think it is kind of annoying. However that may not be a bad thing. Annoying Orange is also annoying and it is one of the top YouTube franchises. Okay maybe the Annoying microbes are not nearly as bad as Annoying Orange, but I would not want to watch them for extended periods of time.

I think this could be worthwhile to explore this style of video to use in business. If it had the proper creative’s associated with it this style of video could do well.
What do you think? Is this style a flop or is it a YouTube Hit?

Microbes of New York

Toys Selling Toys

I have thought about doing an animated toy video much like this one in the past. It seems that this style of video is a natural for toys. Basically it is a cartoon featuring and highlighting the product.

I discovered this video when someone used it to spam my Dogs community. It took me forever to find it by searching on YouTube. The moral is that you should tag your videos well. When I wrote this blog post the video had over 620,000 views so maybe they think tags are not important.

The video is well done as would be expected for a company like toys R Us. I was also impressed by the scripting. The script highlights the selling points in a conversational story that should appeal to the target audience.

I do think all types of product videos can learn quite a bit from how this video entertains, educates and promotes all at the same time.

Vlogs aren’t’ just for people anymore – Even the famous doll Barbie now has a Vlog

There are so many Vlogs on YouTube and most of them are not that great, but the Barbie people have taken a popular but often less than captivating video format and made it into something that works very well for their brand. The writing and animation is entertaining and may even be better than a good many Vlogs featuring real people.
This video shows the importance of knowing your audience and writing for them. In this case writing also includes the feel of the character and possibly the mood of the animation.

A lot can be done with animation. I am working on a scrip for an animation video that I hope to produce in the near future.
If you need to talk with someone about developing an animation video or a scripted video for your brand or company give me a call at 562-423-1691

Pizza Hut nailed it with their scripted pop culture comedy video

Who hasn’t been impacted by selfies and the ever growing hazard of selfie sticks? Whether you are a chronic selfie taker or simply see too many self promotional pictures you have to admit selfies are all the rage in pop culture. Pizza Hut capitalized on this fad/trend with the The Dangers of Selfie Sticks Public Service Announcement (PSA.)

This is one of the more clever uses of video by a corporation and one we can all learn from. It not only has a great story but it has good production value as well. Again we see that the story is not focused on the brand, however in this video we do see that Pizza Hut did fit the brand into the video. As you may know from following this blog and my social media I like unscripted video, but this is an outstanding example of what’s possible when using scripted video.

While I don’t do scripted video or video with this kind of production value I do have friends and know other that can help you with very high quality video productions. My videos tend to be less presumptuous and more grassroots.

Just remember if you are doing your own video
Please Selfie Responsibly.

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Scripted Comedy Big Hit For Unbranded Brand Video Series

Some of the best online branding videos do not focus on the brand.
Red Bull is perhaps the king of this type of content. In Red Bull’s case the genre is called lifestyle video. However, in 2014 Chipotle showed us how a scripted series can be used in the same fashion. Chipotle is making brand videos people want to watch, and most episodes don’t even show the brand.

I have been advocating for years that advertising needs to become reinforcing in and of itself. A good deal of advertising is aversive. (From Wilipedia – In psychology, aversives are unpleasant stimuli that induce changes in behavior through punishment; by applying an aversive immediately following a behavior, the likelihood of the behavior occurring in the future is reduced.)

Much of the online video advertising people watch is a time tax. That’s right, video ads that viewers are forced to see are like a tax that needs to be paid in order to see a reinforcing video. Hopefully the video is reinforcing and not something the viewer has little interest in. I always feel cheated when I patiently suffer through a video ad just to find out the video I wanted to see is a dud.

Farmed and Dangerous does appear to be a well done scripted series. Although I thought the trailer was more satire than comedy, but it is entertaining. Perhaps we can call it satirical comedy.

Wouldn’t it be better if viewers wanted to see your content? Instead of having people hate or at least dislike your ads. Wouldn’t it be great if they were looking forward to the next installment of your series?

I expect that we will see more shows like Farmed and Dangerous in the future. They will be similar to old time sponsored shows, such as soap operas, without the ads. These will be shows where you know who the brand is without being hit over the head with the branding hammer. I imagine an action show will eventually appear and I think this could work well for mysteries as well.

Scripted shows tend to be larger production and have a higher cost than some other forms of promotional videos. For this type of scripted show you need actors and more staff than on a smaller production. They also tend to be long format shows, and as we all know, time is money. If you want high production value for the show you will also need some additional equipment and perhaps higher end equipment than what you typically see for standard corporate videos.

While I am interested in scripted shows my specialty is unscripted and interview shows. If you are interested in doing a show for your brand, business, book, hobby, or interest I would be happy to talk with you.
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Social video for gun enthusiast and collectors

This has got to be one of the best videos series I have seen for attracting the serious gun collector. It is no accident that it’s done by a world famous gun auction company. When you consider that a collectable firearm can sell for over $100,000 this video series is quite a good investment.
One of the reasons this video series is so successful is that they know their audience. It not only provides great entertainment but it is a great resource for serious gun collectors and those interested in history. I find the historic significance of these videos of immense value.

The first video I want to use as an illustration is Burgess Folding Shotgun. One of the reasons I shared this in my personal social media is because it contained what I thought was some interesting insight about the late 1800s. I especially liked the antidote about Theodore Roosevelt.

Burgess Folding Shotgun
Burgess Folding Shotgun
Burgess Folding Shotgun Extended
Burgess Folding Shotgun Extended

I am also sharing one of their Chinese Mystery Pistol posts. These are quite interesting firearms that in themselves document a very interesting period in Chinese history.

I was only going to mention two guns but I saw another one from a time period in Japan that you may have noticed I mentioned more than occasionally in my personal Social media account. Yes I am talking about the Meiji Period of Japan. The gun is a Type 18 Murata rifle. What make this rifle so interesting is that it was one of the first domestically produced modern military rifles. I think I have posted about this particular rifle in the past, but I have never posted a video before.

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Destination videos promote tourism Shanghai Video critique

Destination videos can promote a location or region to increase local and international tourism, such as this Shanghai video.
However there are a few elements that should be considered when using this type of video

Video can be very powerful for promoting a tourist or travel destination. While this video has nice visuals in my opinion it is about three times too long for this style of video. I think it would work better at this length with some type of voice-over or narration. However,  without narration it appeals to people from all cultures and languages. Knowing what your goals for the video are will point out the importance of knowing your audience. If you are promoting a local attraction it may be best to have at least two videos one with narration for a targeted audience and a shorter one with no narration for a more international audience.

Shanghai Video Critique
Shanghai Video Critique

Will Online Video Ever Totally Replace Meeting Face To Face?

While I love video and think it can be very important for all types of marketing, I don’t think it does or will replace in person sales calls. Even if it does, I would still recommend meeting with clients at least occasionally throughout the year. Online and video is great, but I think to really connect and build a bond it’s best to meet face to face.

I do use video in my one of businesses to educate potential clients as to what they can expect when they hire me. Giving future clients a look at your processes and services is just one use of video. Video can be used throughout the customer acquisition lifecycle. This can range from before the sale education as well as during the time you are working with a client, and after the assignment is finished.

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