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Social Media Videos Are Perfect For Music Videos

Here is a band with great visual appeal – VALDIVIA X . I have always thought social video was the perfect promotional vehicle for this very theatrical band. Their music is great, but the magic of their music really happens with full immersion into their surrealistically compelling performance.

I added a screen shot to make posting on the web more effective. I do have a suggestion for companies as well as bands promoting through social video and that is to have a media page on your website so people can use the images you prefer when they share your videos.

You can see my social post about video on my Google Plus Video and Entertainment collections

VALDIVIA X Social Video
VALDIVIA X Social Video

Better LinkedIn Relationships by Prioritizing Video

This video goes over using a service called Nimble, but the video does mention that the same thing can be done without using a third party software solution. This means it can be done directly through the LinkedIn interface. I think I am grandfathered into the Nimble service, however I have not used it for a long time. Seeing this presentation makes me think about trying to remember my old Nimble password and using it again.

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