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Mixing Audio

Audio is important for social videos as well as traditional video. This video goes over, you guessed it, audio for social videos, such as your standard YouTube or Vimeo videos. These two guys say there are basically two elements you need to be concerned with Levels and Clarity. That’s it. Get those two things right and you are good to go.

Video editing tools

I don’t use all of these tools and I use different editing software. However, I thought this video was informative. I do like the selection of software he uses. I use many of these same tools and there are a few I might like to try.

I usually don’t watch videos with the over produced custom thumbnails that look to promotional. But This video is good.

I will watch bad videos so you don’t have to.
Since I have started this site, which was just a few days ago, I have watched a lot of bad videos.  Those are the videos that never make it onto the site. I am curating only quality content that readers will find informative and useful.

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