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Annoying microbes

When I first saw this video I thought it was quite creative and done in an innovative format. After watching the whole video for this review I decided I think it is kind of annoying. However that may not be a bad thing. Annoying Orange is also annoying and it is one of the top YouTube franchises. Okay maybe the Annoying microbes are not nearly as bad as Annoying Orange, but I would not want to watch them for extended periods of time.

I think this could be worthwhile to explore this style of video to use in business. If it had the proper creative’s associated with it this style of video could do well.
What do you think? Is this style a flop or is it a YouTube Hit?

Microbes of New York

Vlogs aren’t’ just for people anymore – Even the famous doll Barbie now has a Vlog

There are so many Vlogs on YouTube and most of them are not that great, but the Barbie people have taken a popular but often less than captivating video format and made it into something that works very well for their brand. The writing and animation is entertaining and may even be better than a good many Vlogs featuring real people.
This video shows the importance of knowing your audience and writing for them. In this case writing also includes the feel of the character and possibly the mood of the animation.

A lot can be done with animation. I am working on a scrip for an animation video that I hope to produce in the near future.
If you need to talk with someone about developing an animation video or a scripted video for your brand or company give me a call at 562-423-1691