Social video for gun enthusiast and collectors

This has got to be one of the best videos series I have seen for attracting the serious gun collector. It is no accident that it’s done by a world famous gun auction company. When you consider that a collectable firearm can sell for over $100,000 this video series is quite a good investment. One of the reasons this video series is so successful is that they know their audience. It not only provides great entertainment but it is a great resource for serious gun collectors and those interested in history. I find the historic significance of these videos of immense value. The first video I want to use as an illustration is Burgess Folding Shotgun. One of the reasons I shared this in my personal social media is because it contained what I thought was some interesting insight about the late 1800s. I especially liked the antidote about Theodore Roosevelt. I am also sharing one of their Chinese Mystery Pistol posts. These are quite interest…
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