Scripted Comedy Big Hit For Unbranded Brand Video Series

Some of the best online branding videos do not focus on the brand. Red Bull is perhaps the king of this type of content. In Red Bull’s case the genre is called lifestyle video. However, in 2014 Chipotle showed us how a scripted series can be used in the same fashion. Chipotle is making brand videos people want to watch, and most episodes don't even show the brand. I have been advocating for years that advertising needs to become reinforcing in and of itself. A good deal of advertising is aversive. (From Wilipedia - In psychology, aversives are unpleasant stimuli that induce changes in behavior through punishment; by applying an aversive immediately following a behavior, the likelihood of the behavior occurring in the future is reduced.) Much of the online video advertising people watch is a time tax. That’s right, video ads that viewers are forced to see are like a tax that needs to be paid in order to see a reinforcing video. Hopefully the video is reinforcing and not s…
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